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Story: Shikha Diwedi

Bhopal (TNA News Network) Today, in the digital era, photography has become an important and interesting part of the lifestyle. The invention of the digital camera has brought photography out of the world of studios and professionals into the household. With the help of digital camera today everyone can do photography without any special skill. Digital camera technology has made photography extremely easy and accessible.Today everyone can take a photo, but some basic skills are still necessary to take the right and best quality photo. Jaspreet Singh is going to bring online photography workshop to explain and teach the same basic skills and nuances.

Young photojournalist Jaspreet Singh of the capital Bhopal has been doing photography since 2015. Even during the covid period, he had narrated the problems of migrant laborers and unemployed people through his photography.Which today’s youth can understand very easily.

Jaspreet says that nowadays there is a lot of trend in mobiles and cameras for photography. But it is very important to understand the nuances to do photography with the camera. Keeping in mind the ISO, aperture, speed in the camera, photography becomes very good. Jaspreet believes that a photo tells a thousand words. Sometimes even written words cannot express what a photo says.

Jaspreet says that the photo tells us the history. He told that even today lakhs of people visit the museum or other places to see the photographs. Before the advent of cameras in the State period, photographs were made through painting. The photographs still contain that history within themselves. Similarly, even today a positive vision is needed in photography.

Jaspreet told TNA Bollywood that he wants to conduct online photography workshops for the youth. Those who take photographs, they do photography. But they are unable to find a platform to display their clicked photos.He told that the basic rules of many types of photography like indoor photography, outdoor photography, wildlife photography, wedding photography, sports photography will be taught and explained in the workshop, as well as photographers from every field will take classes.

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Jaspreet Singh has also interviewed many celebs. Jaspreet told during a conversation with TNA Bollywood. It has become very easy to do photography in today’s time from earlier times. Earlier there used to be reel cameras for photography. Due to which the photographer had to struggle a lot. But now is the era of digital, which is very easy.


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