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New Delhi: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi today amidst speculations about the assembly elections to be held in Uttar Pradesh next year. The time for this has been fixed at 11.30 am. After this, Yogi is also scheduled to meet BJP National President JP Nadda. Earlier on Thursday, Yogi Adityanath and Home Minister Amit Shah had met. After the meeting of these two leaders, Nadda met the PM. It is believed that there may be some changes in the Uttar Pradesh government and organization before the assembly elections. These meetings are going on in that connection.

In these meetings, Yogi will talk about the efforts of the state government to deal with the second wave of Corona. Apart from this, discussion can also be held in this meeting regarding the upcoming assembly elections in UP in 2022.

Yogi’s meeting with Shah, discussion with PM today-

Earlier on Thursday, he met Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Amit Shah advised him to grow up by taking everyone along and in confidence. Today Yogi will also meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President JP Nadda. Sources say that in the meeting with Shah, the equation for the upcoming assembly elections, in this context, the search for new allies and effective faces was also discussed. These points can also be discussed in the meeting with the Prime Minister and the BJP President.

It is believed that with this meeting, a small cabinet expansion is possible in the state very soon. Rather, its speculation has also intensified that the much-awaited cabinet expansion can happen at the center even before the elections to a big state like Uttar Pradesh.

Politics heated up as UP CM Yogi Adityanath arrived on a two-day visit to Delhi. According to sources, on the basis of the feedback received during the visit of Organization General Secretary BL Santosh and in-charge Radha Mohan Singh to Lucknow a few days ago, Shah also suggested to the Chief Minister to take everyone along. Workers should also get priority in relief work.


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