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New Delhi: Yoga guru Ramdev has withdrawn his recent statement on Allopathic Medicine on Sunday. His statement was strongly opposed by the doctors. After this, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan wrote a letter on Sunday and asked Baba Ramdev to withdraw the statement. Late in the evening, Ramdev said that he respects all forms of medical science. Allopathy has saved many lives.

Replying to the letter of the Health Minister, Ramdev said that he wanted to calm the matter. He wrote on social media that your letter was received. With respect to that, I withdraw my statement regretfully pausing the entire controversy of medical practices.

Harshvardhan wrote- Your statement will weaken the fight against Corona
Harsh Vardhan wrote in his letter that health workers and doctors associated with allopathy are saving the lives of Corona patients with great effort. Your statement may weaken the ongoing fight against Corona. Hopefully you retract your statement.

Earlier on Saturday, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) wrote a letter to the Health Minister, objecting to Baba Ramdev’s statement on allopathy. The IMA also demanded a case against Ramdev.

Your explanation is insufficient to heal the hurt feelings
Dr. Harsh Vardhan wrote in the letter, ‘The countrymen are deeply hurt by your comments on allopathic medicines and doctors. I have already made you aware of this feeling of the people on the phone. For the entire country, the warring doctors against Corona and other health workers are like God. With your statement, you have not only disrespected the Corona warriors, but have also deeply hurt the feelings of the countrymen. The clarification you issued yesterday is insufficient to heal the hurt feelings of the people.

Allopathy gave life to crores of people in times of crisis
He further wrote, ‘Allopathy and its associated doctors have given life to crores of people during the crisis of Corona epidemic. It is very unfortunate for you to say that millions of corona patients died due to eating allopathy medicine. We must not forget that this fight against the Corona epidemic can be won only by collective efforts. The way in which our doctors, nurses and other health workers are risking their lives day and night to save people is an incomparable example of their loyalty to duty and human service.

You should give a statement after looking at the time, time and situation
The Health Minister further wrote, “You are well aware of the fact that in this fight against Corona, numerous doctors and health workers from all over the world including India have sacrificed their lives. Today, millions of people are recovering from Corona and going home. Today, if the death rate from corona in the country is just 1.13% and recovery rate is more than 88%, then allopathy and its doctors have a significant contribution behind it.

You are one of the personalities in public life. In this case, any of your statements mean a lot. I think that you should make any statement on any issue after looking at the time, the time and the situation. In such a time, showing the prevailing methods of treatment can prove to be not only allopathy but also to break the morale of their doctors and weaken our fight against corona epidemic.

Weapons against viruses, vaccine is also the result of allopathy
Harsh Vardhan has written in the letter that you should know that smallpox, polio, Ebola, SARS and TB. For example, allopathy has diagnosed serious diseases. Today the vaccine is proving to be an important weapon against Corona. This is also the result of allopathy.

You have just said in your explanation that your intention is not against modern science and good doctors. I do not consider the explanation you gave to be sufficient. Hopefully, you will completely withdraw your objectionable and unfortunate statement while seriously considering the subject and respecting the Corona warriors around the world.

IMA wrote the letter a day ago

Earlier on Saturday, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) accused yoga guru Baba Ramdev of spreading lies against allopathy treatment. In a letter to Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, IMA said that a video of Ramdev is going viral on social media. In this, Baba is calling allopathy rubbish and bankrupt science. On Saturday evening, the IMA sent a legal notice to Ramdev. The doctors’ body had also demanded the prosecution of Ramdev.

The IMA wrote in the letter that earlier even during the launch of his drug made for Corona, Ramdev called the doctors a killer. Health Minister was also present in the program. Everyone knows that Baba Ramdev and his companion Balkrishna get allopathy treatment when they are ill. Even after this, they are constantly spreading illusions about allopathy in order to sell their illicit drugs. This is affecting a large population.

After this, Patanjali, an organization of Ramdev, had issued a statement denouncing the allegations as false. Patanjali had said that Baba Ramdev does not have any ill-feelings towards modern science and the people who practice it. The allegations made by the IMA on him are false.


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