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Recently, a video of yoga guru Baba Ram Dev went viral, in which he was making many allegations on Allopathy Treatment, in his statement Baba Ramdev had even said that corona patients are dying due to allopathy treetment. His statement was very shocking.

The criticism of Baba Ramdev started only after the said video went viral. Yoga Guru Ram Dev was being trolled on social media, as well as the Indian Medical Association (IMA) strongly criticized Baba Ramdev’s statement, after which Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan wrote a letter to Baba Ramdev asking him to take back his statement. .

After the letter of the Health Minister, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev wrote a letter and while expressing a slight regret, gave a long and wide reference, first of all Ramdev said that we are not opposed to modern science and allopathy, the statement that has been quoted is The worker was reading the message on WhatsApp in the meeting, he wrote that if this has hurt anyone, then I regret it.

In the reply letter written to Dr. Harsh Vardhan, he said that graphs of errors in any medical system should not be taken as an attack on that method, it is not at all opposed to science. All should be continuously progressive while self-assessing. Similarly, Indian medical science, Ayurveda and Yoga should not be disrespected by some allopathic doctors as pseudo science (pseudo science) etc., because it also hurts the sentiments of crores of people.

Baba said that if modern medical science has found a cure for serious diseases like smallpox, polio and TB, then by Indian medical methods like Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy etc. we have complicated and complex things like BP, Sugar, Thyroid, Arthritis, Fatty Liver, Hepatitis, Asthma. Control and permanent solution of hereditary diseases has been given.

In the Corona era, allopathy doctors have saved their lives by putting their lives at risk, we respect that. We have also saved millions of lives with Ayurveda and Yoga. It should also be respected. In the future, we are and will always stand to serve humanity with proper coordination of all methods to fight the complexities of corona and corona and to free the disease from the whole of humanity.

The essence of Yoga Guru Ramdev’s entire letter is merely confirming the statement given in the spirit of revenge! Baba Ramdev has made this statement by making some old statements of allopathy doctors base or angry with his previous statements, it seems, Baba Ramdev is expressing regret and sorrow in just few words, not apologizing in the letter.

Whereas Ramdev’s allegation is that in the Corona period, the patients died not because of lack of oxygen but because of the consumption of allopathic pressures. In the Corona epidemic, the entire world has controlled this epidemic through the treatment of allopathy. But this statement of Baba Ramdev is very unfortunate. Baba Ramdev should sincerely apologize for not giving advice on this statement

Author: Ankit Pachauri, Editor, TNA Group


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