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New Delhi: Uproar over yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s alleged allopathy is called bankrupt science. The Indian Medical Association (IMA), Delhi Medical Association (DMA), All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AAIMS) and the Resident Doctors Association of Safdarjung Hospital have protested this and legal action has been taken against the Union Ministry of Health by filing a case against them under the Epidemic Act. Has demanded to do. The IMA has sent a legal notice to Ramdev seeking withdrawal of the statement and an apology. The DMA has even lodged a complaint against the yoga guru at Daryaganj police station. At the same time, Patanjali has denied the allegations, saying that Baba Ramdev had no wrong intention.

The IMA has said in its statement that if the Union Health Ministry does not take action, the court will be knocked. President of IMA, Dr. JA Jayalal said that 1,200 doctors of allopathy have lost their lives and saved the lives of millions of people in the war against Corona. Despite the lack of health facilities, the mortality rate in India was lower than the developed countries due to the encouragement and hard work of the doctors. The medicines used in the treatment of corona were approved by the Drug Controller General of India, so Ramdev has also questioned the ability of the Drug Controller General from his statement. DMA General Secretary Dr. Ajay Gambhir said that the medical world has been shocked by the statement of Baba Ramdev. Doctors of allopathy also follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international agencies in the treatment. Ramdev may be a yoga guru, but his statement about allopathy is not acceptable.

Balkrishna gave clarification

Patanjali Yogpeeth General Secretary Acharya Balakrishna has come forward and given clarification on the whole matter. In a statement issued to the media, he made it clear that the yoga guru has no ill-will towards the good practitioners of modern science and modern medicine. He got information from the internet media regarding the so-called allegations. Clarified that the short version of the video is completely beyond the context that the yoga guru is trying to convey. Said that in a private event, the yoga guru was reading a forwarded WhatsApp message received by him and other members. The charge being leveled against him is false and meaningless. Yoga gurus believe that allopathy is a progressive science and in such difficult times a combination of allopathy, Ayurveda and yoga will be beneficial for all.

This is the charge

According to the IMA, Baba Ramdev’s statement is going viral, stating that allopathy is such a slow and bankrupt science that chloroquine failed first, then remadecivir, antibiotics and steroid drugs also failed. Plasma therapy was also banned and ivermectin also failed. Millions of people have died due to allopathy medication, more patients have died due to lack of oxygen and not going to the hospital than those who have consumed allopathy drugs.


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