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New Delhi: April 22 is celebrated as Earth Day globally. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to make people aware about conservation of earth and environment. In the last few decades, the way soil erosion is happening, the glaciers are melting, global warming is increasing and pollution is spreading, they are causing huge damage to the earth. In such a situation, to maintain the quality, fertility and importance of the earth, we need to protect the environment and the earth.

In view of this, some countries are working to improve the environment with great sincerity and readiness. The MIT Technology Review has released a list of 76 countries in the world. The top countries in this list have been continuously working to make the environment good.

Iceland, Denmark, Norway, France and Ireland are ranked first to fifth in the Green Future Index released by MIT Technology. While Iceland has done excellent work on carbon emissions, Denmark and Norway have done well in the direction of fossil fuels. France has done excellent work on the development of the hydrogen industry. Russia, Paraguay and Qatar are at the bottom of the list. 15 of the top 20 countries on this list are in Europe. Among the non-European countries, the best work is of Costa Rica (seventh) and New Zealand (eighth).

Five parameters were taken into consideration when releasing the Green Future Index. These scales were carbon emissions, energy transition, green society or a resolution to improve the environment of citizens, innovation in clean energy and climate policy.

India’s position better in Asian countries

India’s position in Asian countries is better in the Green Future Index. India is at 21st position in this list. India’s position in the index is much better than China and Pakistan. While China is at number 45 in the index, Pakistan is at number 67 and Bangladesh is at number 69. Malaysia and Indonesia are at number 56 and 57 respectively.


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