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-Anil Vedag

Mumbai : (TNA News Network) The first day at FICCI Frames Fast Track 2022 began with a session with Ranveer Singh, who enthralled the audience with a lovely conversation about his decade long journey in the industry.

The audience made the actor crazy this season. Full of energy, the actor talks about working with some of the biggest names in the industry, playing some of the most versatile roles on screen.

The actor said that the experience of watching the community is very important now. We’ve got a fast pace. It is a vast landscape. Our Indian audience is watching content made outside India and so are people outside the country watching Indian content. There is an additional burden on the creators. You need to justify their energy and money to get into the cinema. I am committed to entertaining the big screen. We need to deliver content that will bring the audience back to the theatres.”

Ranveer Singh at FICCI Frames Fast Track says, “We need to deliver content that will bring audiences back to the theatres.”

Talking about the experience of watching the film on the big screen, Ranveer said, “The experience is very special…when you sit in a cinema hall, laugh together, cry together, you have to give them their buck’s worth . I take it very seriously.”

Talking about giving people a reason to come to the theatres, Ranveer said, “I feel that being a capable actor my channels are open for empathy and so with the times we have gone through, I have taken it very deeply. have felt. Personally too it was difficult to understand what was happening. I have then consciously decided to be a part of cinema which will give them a good time. My next circus is a comedy directed by Rohit Shetty.”

When asked how he processes all the compliments, he said, “The situation I find myself in today is beyond my imagination. The opportunity I have got, the praise I have received, the love of people, can hardly be believed. I wake up everyday with gratitude.

Ranveer is one of the most versatile actors in the Hindi film industry, when asked how he crosses boundaries every time, he said, “I firmly believe that you can’t put anyone in the box. When I’m in public, I’m very lively, as well as different facets of my personality. I keep an authentic side of myself in playing my characters.”


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