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Government oil companies have again increased the prices of petrol and diesel (Petrol- Diesel Price). Petrol has become costlier by 27 paise on Saturday while diesel prices have been increased by 25 paise. After the change in rates, the price of both fuels in Delhi is Rs 83.13 and diesel Rs 73.32 per liter.

Petrol prices
According to the website of Indian Oil, petrol has reached Rs 89.78 per liter in Mumbai today. One liter petrol in Kolkata is available for Rs 84.63. While the price of petrol in Chennai has gone up to Rs 86.00 per liter.

Diesel price
Diesel has been increased to Rs 73.32 per liter in Delhi, the country’s capital. Diesel in Mumbai is Rs 79.93 per liter. For a liter of diesel in Kolkata, you have to pay Rs 76.89. While one liter diesel will be available in Chennai for Rs 78.69.

Petrol and diesel price in MP
Talking about Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh), the price of petrol in Bhopal (Bhopal) has been increased to Rs 90.90 per liter. Diesel prices in Bhopal have reached Rs 81.10 per liter.


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