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Delhi: WhatsApp messaging app has now postponed the privacy update plan after the controversy escalated. Now on February 8, no WhatsApp account will be closed. The company will gradually implement the policy by 15 May. The company believes that by extending the policy time, users will get time to understand it. WhatsApp’s parent company Facebook said that people have a lot of misunderstanding about the new update of the app, due to which the new update has been stopped at the moment.

Announced to push the policy through blog.

The company wrote in its blog, “We are taking forward the date in which users will be asked to read and accept the policy and conditions.” No account will be deleted or suspended on February 8. We will give clear information about our privacy and security policy and remove confusion among people. After this, the company will gradually ask people for their opinion on the new policy. The time has been fixed till May 15 for this. “

According to the New York Times report, after the privacy update was announced, many users and many media institutions linked it to the misuse of information. He said that after the new policy, WhatsApp will be able to read people’s chat and other personal data.

Signal app growth has affected the company.

After the announcement of WhatsApp’s new policy, people are moving to other messaging apps like Signal and Telegram. Signal became the No. 1 messaging app in India this week. Assuring people on these concerns, WhatsApp said, “After the new update, people will have many options. You just have to message a business and you will be explained in a very transparent way how WhatsApp uses your data.

Currently, very few people make purchases through WhatsApp, but the number of such people is going to increase in the future and it is good that people are already aware of these things. This update does not in any way allow us to share your data with Facebook. ‘


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