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New Delhi: The weather of the country is constantly changing. Recently, due to ‘storm storm’, several states of the country saw heavy rain. Due to this, heavy destruction was also seen in many states. The danger of this storm had not reduced even now that the threat of ‘Yas storm’ has started looming. According to the Meteorological Department, the storm may hit the coast of Bengal and Odisha on May 26. Prime Minister Modi has also held a review meeting to deal with this. According to the latest information, the storm is moving north-northwest of the pressure zone and could turn into a very severe cyclone during the next 24 hours. In such a situation, the impact of this severe storm may fall in more states of North India, due to which the weather will change once again in most of the states including Bihar, Delhi, UP, Rajasthan.

Yas storm can also be seen in UP. Here too, the weather has been changing for the past several days. Revenge is coming in the weather here continuously. A rainfall alert has also been issued at many places. From May 27, there may be rain in Bareilly for three consecutive days. The meteorological department has given this information in its forecast.

The impact of Yas storm will also be seen in Bihar, rain alert

On the other hand, Bihar may also get hit by yas after the contract. That is, the effect of Yas storm can be seen here too. This is the reason that heavy rains are being expressed here on 25-26. The low pressure area created in the Bay of Bengal will be transformed into a Yas storm on Monday i.e. Monday. By the evening of today, Yas will see a dangerous effect. Due to Yas storm, there is a possibility of heavy rains in Bihar including the plains of the country.

Weather of Jharkhand

Jharkhand will also not remain untouched by the impact of this storm. From today, the impact of Hurricane Yas will begin in Dhanbad and neighboring districts. Meteorological Ranchi warns of this

Has given

Weather will start clearing in Haryana after tomorrow

From May 25 onwards, the weather will clear in Haryana and there will be a steady rise in temperature. In this case, the temperature can go up to 40 ° C. There is a possibility of heatstroke. Although the months of May and June are full of heat, but this time the heat may be less this time.


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