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bhopal- Day and night temperatures have increased in Madhya Pradesh. Only in Pachmarhi night temperature has been recorded. It was 6.8 degrees on Thursday-Friday night, which dropped to 6.6 degree on Friday-Saturday night.

At the same time, the night temperature was more than 12 degrees in the capital Bhopal and Indore. Senior Meteorologist GD Mishra said that now the night temperature will increase in the same way for two days. After this, the temperature will drop after the Western Disturbance from Himachal. It can start after 7pm.

Talking about the state, the temperature has increased everywhere. In just four cities, the mercury remained below 10 degrees. It was 6.6 ° C in Pachmarhi, 8.6 ° C in Raisen, 8.6 ° C in Mandla and 9.8 ° C in Chhindwara. Apart from this, the hottest night was in the ocean. The minimum temperature here was 16 degrees Celsius, 3 degrees above normal.

The day temperature was 31.4 degrees. The highest temperature in the day was in Nagaon at 32.5 degrees. It is 5.3 degrees above normal.


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