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New Delhi (ANI): The second consignment of Russia’s Corona vaccine Sputnik V reached India today. The second consignment of the Russian vaccine arrived in Hyderabad by air today. Another vaccine Sputnik-V will also be available in the market after Kovishield and Kovaxine amid growing infection in the second wave of Coronavirus in India. Giving information about the import of Sputnik in India, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories said that it would cost around Rs 1000 for the vaccine.

Along with the price of corona vaccine, there are many discussions about its effectiveness. Meanwhile, the Russian ambassador to India has stated that the Sputnik vaccine is quite effective and is effective against all new variants of Corona.

Russian Ambassador to India N Kudashev has said that the effectiveness of Sputnik V is well known in the world. It is being successfully used in vaccination of people starting in the second half of 2020 in Russia. He said that Russian experts have announced that this vaccine is also effective against the new COVID19 variant.

The second batch of vaccine arrived in India, the first shipment arrived on May 1

The second consignment of the Sputnik vaccine made in Russia reached Hyderabad today. The first consignment of Sputnik-V made in Russia (about 1.5 million doses) reached India on 1 May. Doy Reddy’s Lab said that this vaccine has been approved by the Central Drugs Regulatory, Kasauli on 13 May and will be available in the market from next week. Launching the vaccine soft in India, Doctor Raddys Lab on Friday gave the first person the first dose of vaccine in Hyderabad.

At present, the cost of the vaccine will be so much

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories has stated that the price of Sputnik-V imported into India is Rs 948, which will attract a GST of 5 per cent. After this, the cost of the vaccine will be Rs 995.4. However, when the Sputnik-V vaccine starts to be manufactured in India, it will cost less.


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