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Hoshangabad / Bhopal: On one hand, farmers across the country are opposing three new agricultural reform laws of the central government on the Singhu border of Delhi. So, in Madhya Pradesh, the first action has been taken in Hoshangabad under Contract Farming Act. CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan has given information about this by tweeting on social media.

Here a Delhi-based company did not buy paddy even after the contract. On which a complaint was filed under the new law of the Center. The Agriculture Department took action under the Farmers ‘Contract Price Assurance and Agricultural Services Act 2020’ rules. After which within 24 hours the company has agreed to buy the paddy of the farmers again.

In fact, in June 2020, a written agreement was signed by Fortune Rice Limited Company Delhi to purchase paddy at the highest price of mandi from farmers of other villages including Bhakhedi of Pipariya tehsil of the district. The company initially procured paddy as per the contract. But on December 9, after the related paddy price was Rs 3000 per quintal, the employees of the company stopped buying and stopped the phone.


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