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New Delhi (Agencies): The possibility of escalation of the conflict between Israel-Palestine has deepened. Turkey has raised its voice in support of Palestine and said that all Muslim countries should unite and respond against Israel. Meanwhile, the US has once again called the Israeli air strikes as legitimate, saying that they have the right to defend themselves. Different camps are now being divided in the fighting between these two countries. Russia has also supported Palestine, supporting Turkey. While the US, Britain and France have come out in support of Israel.

According to Reuters, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) of the world’s 57 Islamic countries has appealed to Israel to immediately stop the attack on Gaza. An emergency meeting of this organization was called on Sunday in which foreign ministers of several countries took part. The meeting also described East Jerusalem as its capital and its capital. Turkey has called on all Islamic countries to unite in view of the Israeli attacks. At the same time, he said that he should not believe in international laws at all, because he is not going to support them.

Significantly, this fight which broke out between the two countries has entered the eighth day (second week). Meanwhile, many civilians have died in the attacks being carried out from both sides. According to PTI, the attacks by Israel on Sunday also blew up the house of a top Hamas leader, including the office of the international media group in Gaza. According to AFP, more than 44 people have died in this attack. The OIC has called these Israeli attacks a cruel act. The OIC meeting in virtual form has also strongly condemned the actions of Israel to drive away the Palestinians from the holy city of Jerusalem.

Attending the meeting, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud appealed to the whole world to take the initiative to bring this fight to an end. He has said that the issues between the two should be resolved through dialogue. However, apart from the statement issued by the organization, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia have issued their statements on this issue separately. The ruler of Malaysia has called for an immediate meeting of the UN General Assembly in this regard. At the same time, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE have said to immediately ceasefire. According to the OIC, more than 1,200 people have died in Gaza in these attacks while around 200 have lost their lives.


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