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Mumbai: (TNA News Network) Film actress Tanushree Dutta has revealed that several attempts have been made to kill her after the #MeToo movement. It is said in her recent interview that Tanushree Dutta narrated her ordeal 4 years ago during the MeToo movement.

Tanushree Dutta has revealed this in a new interview

Now Tanushree Dutta has revealed this in a new interview. Earlier she had said that if anything happens to her life, then film actor Nana Patekar, her legal team and her Bollywood mafia friends will be responsible. It was when Tanushree Dutta accused Nana Patekar of doing obscene acts during the shooting of the film Horn OK Pleassss, although Nana Patekar denied this.

Now Tanushree Dutta has said in an interview that many times the brakes of her car were tampered with. I had to take bed rest for a long time.


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