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Bhopal. The Congressmen who strayed in the by-elections in the recent assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh have been identified after which a sword of expulsion is hanging on about a dozen Congress leaders.

The Congress has received complaint reports of party candidates and seat in-charges. After the report, the Congress is examining how much truth is present in the facts which have been presented with complaints and which cases are serious.

Are subject to indiscipline. After that, the party will identify such flower print Congressmen and throw them out of the party.

Former minister Sajjan Singh Verma has said that complaints have been received of leaders who defrauded 9 assembly seats. It also includes evidence. Some candidates and assembly in-charge have submitted audio video and social media images as proof.

He is studying at PCC level. After that, PCC Chief Kamal Nath will take action on cases of severe indiscipline.

Action will be taken for the leaders who have damaged the Congress party during the election, from the ban on fighting the election to the expulsion from the party for 6 years. Initially, the party has received complaints against about twelve minor leaders of the Congress.

Apart from this, the PCC has got the names of those who defrauded at the Mandal and Block level as well.

Former minister Kamleshwar Patel has demanded that the party should identify and take action against them as soon as possible. Giving a big message in the name of discipline, the party should take stern action before the civic body elections so that the downtrodden can be managed.


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