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For the chair of Kamal Nath, the most well-known and dignified Purushottam leader of Madhya Pradesh Congress, the battle has started. After losing the by-elections, Kamal Nath has decided to resign as the Leader of Opposition due to continued targeting in the Congress organization and the media.

More than half a dozen Congress leaders have started running to take over their chair in the assembly.

The name of MLA Jeetu Patwari, who was the Minister of Sports and Higher Education in the Kamal Nath Government, is running at number one. Jitu Patwari, besides being Secretary of the State Congress, has also held the post of Executive Chairman.

He is also a youth leader and is known for his sharp temper. Jitu Patwari is considered close to Rahul Gandhi and Kamal Nath as well as Digvijay Singh. When the political crisis deepened in Karnataka in the past, only Jeetu Patwari was sent to Bangalore.

Bala Bachchan has also previously held the post of Deputy Leader of Opposition. Bala Bachchan is also considered close to Kamal Nath. The special thing is that Bala Bachchan, like Jitu Patwari, does not bypass Kamal Nath when exposed to the media.

Apart from these, the names of Kamal Nath’s old confidant and veteran Congress leader Sajjan Singh Verma and senior Congress MLA from Chambal Dr. Govind Singh are also mentioned. In the by-election, a ticket was given against the will of Dr. Govind Singh. Their displeasure is also to be removed.


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