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Colombo (Agency): The Sri Lankan Cabinet on Tuesday approved a proposal to ban all types of face masks in public places as a threat to national security. But, it is permissible to wear a mask to deal with the corona. The decision has been taken at a time when Public Safety Minister Sarat Veerasekara signed a document in March last asking for cabinet approval to ban the burqa. The burqa is used by Muslim women to cover the face and body. Cabinet Spokesperson and Information Minister Kehlia Rambukwela said that the cabinet has decided to ban all types of mask in public places. He made no mention of Burke.

Pakistan calls the ban on burqa in Sri Lanka divisive

It may be noted that last month Pakistan had called the ban on Burqa in Sri Lanka and the recommendation to close a thousand madrasas divisive and Pakistan had also warned Sri Lanka. Pakistan’s High Commissioner in Sri Lanka has condemned the recommendation to ban the burqa. It is said that such divisive steps taken in the name of security will hurt the sentiments of Muslims. At the same time, fundamental rights of minorities will be violated.

Decision taken in view of national security

The Sri Lankan cabinet decided to ban the mask, on the recommendation of Minister of Public Safety, Sarath Veerasekhara. It recommends a ban on all garments covering the face, not just the burqa. Virsekhara had said that this recommendation has been made in view of national security. A few years ago we used to have many Muslim friends. The women of his family did not wear burqa etc., but the trend of wearing burqa has increased rapidly in recent months. This is a sign of increasing fanaticism.

There were serial bomb blasts in Sri Lanka in 2019, in which 270 people were killed. Muslim terrorists were responsible for these blasts. After that the thinking towards Muslims in Sri Lanka has changed.


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