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In order to further strengthen the Self Help Group in MP, Shivraj government has made some big announcements. On Monday, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh transferred a loan amount of 150 crore rupees through a single click to the Veterinary Credit Camp of women of self-help groups at a video conference in the ministry.

During this, he said that the biggest priority of Madhya Pradesh government is the empowerment of women.

CM Shivraj said – The government is providing them loans from banks for various activities at 4 percent interest. Madhya Pradesh government is filling the remaining interest amount.

This year, an amount of 1400 crores is being provided to women for their economic activities. Along with this, it was also decided that a part of government procurement would be the products of women self-help groups. Their manufactured goods will also be kept in “malls” in the cities.

The Chief Minister said that currently 35 lakh women are associated with self-help groups in Madhya Pradesh. They are running different types of economic activities.

This time the sisters have been given the task of making school dress. Ready to eat nutritious food is being made in many places. We have to trend 30 lakh more women this year and connect them with self-help groups. These women will “make the locals vocal” and create self-sufficient Madhya Pradesh.


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