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Today is Salman Khan’s father and writer Salim Khan’s birthday. The special bonding between Salim Khan and his sons is not hidden from anyone but his bonding with his elder son Salman Khan is very special.

Both have come together in many shows, have given many interviews together and everywhere the love and affection of each other is clearly visible.

On a show, Salim Khan narrated an interesting anecdote related to his sons. He had told that even today his three sons give their earnings to them only.

After this, Salim Khan also gives them a few rupees as pocket money. Salman Khan also confessed that he takes pocket money from his father. From the time of Salman’s early career, Salim Khan had decided that Salman will spend 10 percent of Salman’s income on himself. The remaining 90 percent will be given to the charity.


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