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In Jabalpur, rasuka (NSA) has been imposed on two accused who sell Remedisvir Injection Black. An order has been issued to lock the two accused in the Central Jail for six months. On Friday, the Omati Police will serve a notice to both the accused in the Central Jail. This is the first such action in MP. At the same time, Remedisvir will give injection administration only after giving the mobile number of the patients to the hospitals.

On 22 April, CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan asked to apply rasuka against those who blacklisted drugs. After this action has been taken in Jabalpur. On April 11, a team led by SDM Ashish Pandey raided the New Munish Medicos in Madatala. From there, the team caught Sudama resident of Pushpak Nagar and Nitin resident of Katiaghat Gaur while blacking the Remedesivir injection. On April 12, an FIR was registered by Drug Inspector Food and Administration Ramlakhan Patel at Omti police station.

The accused had tied up with Karmik Agnihotri for Remedesivir for 18 thousand rupees. On April 13, both were sent to jail by the police. Medical store operator Kamesh Rajani and Kanchghar resident Gaurav Sharma are to be arrested in this case.

SP Siddharth Bahuguna had directed the Omati Police to prepare a report of the NSA against both the accused in the case. The report was presented before the District Magistrate Karmaveer Sharma on behalf of the SP. Subsequently, the District Magistrate against both the accused, taking restrictive action under Section 3, read section 2 of the National Security Act (NSA) 1980, issued an order to prohibit the NSA.

To prevent black marketing of Remedesivir injection, the Collector has made it mandatory for patients admitted in hospitals to provide mobile numbers. There will be allocation of injections from Friday. For this, the hospital management will have to hand over the mobile number of the patient along with the doctor’s form to the distributor in the list. According to SDM Ashish Pandey, all private hospitals in the city have been provided with Remedesivir injections according to the needs of the admitted patients. If the private hospital did not give the details of the patients in the prescribed format, then the allotment will not be available.


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