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Indore: Govind Rajput, the driver of Indore’s in-charge minister Tulsi Silavat’s wife, has been taken into custody by the police in the case of black marketing of injectables. It was named in the statement of Puneet Agarwal, driver of Indore’s health officer, Dr. Purnima Gadaria. Here, the police have taken action against a home guard and a soldier after giving a statement in front of the media.

The interrogation at the police station late in the night, Govind said that the driver Punit Aggarwal was black marketing the injection. Govinda’s corona report was found positive some time ago. He was very scared after this. He contacted Puneet, where he had told about 7000 injections when he was asked for injections. Govind bought the injections and a few days later when Govind did his RT PCR report test. So the report was negative then he returned both of those injections to Puneet.

Both received call details

After the allegation of Remedesivir injection in Black, where the state politics was completely heated up. The police also took Govind Rajput into custody late at night and took out a call detail of how and when the conversation took place between Puneet and the two. SP Ashutosh Bagri believes that Puneet is misleading the case and has told him to buy an injection from another young man Bunty. Police is now searching for a young man named Bunty.

2 constables also attached the line

In the police custody, action was taken against the Home Guard soldier and police personnel on duty after the incident of accusing the driver of the minister’s wife. Home Guard soldier Laxman Sharma Home Guard was attached to the headquarters. A line of police personnel named Satyanarayana has also been attached. Significantly, on May 18, while taking to court, accused Puneet Aggarwal gave a statement in front of the camera.

This is the case

On Monday, accused Puneet Aggarwal was caught selling the injection by Vijay Nagar Police. Puneet has claimed that the injection he had brought for sale was given to him by Govind Rajput, another driver of the travel agency Impact, for Rs 14,000. Although police say that Puneet has received a two-day remand, but his official statements have not been made yet.

Puneet works at Impact Travel Agency and has been driving for six months by District Health Officer Dr. Purnima Gadaria. On Monday, the Vijayanagar police arrested him red-handed, calling him on the pretext of buying Remedisvir for 15 thousand rupees. In a discussion with the media before going to court on Tuesday, Puneet said that Govind also works in the same agency. He has already sold injections to many people before. Through the agency, he drives the wife of minister Tulsi Silavat.


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