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Bhopal: A girl working in a beauty product company in Bhopal, whom she kept chatting and sharing private photos as her friend, turned out to be a boy. The victim was about to have a same-sex marriage with her friend some time back, so there was all kinds of chatting between the two. But after some time their relationship broke up. Taking advantage of this, the accused created a fake ID and started chatting as a girl. During this he took nude photos and videos of the victim. After this, he started blackmailing by demanding 15 lakhs. The victim told the whole story..hear her words

The 27-year-old victim told the police- I had a close friendship with a girl of the same age who studied together in college. We both had decided to have a gay marriage. There was talk about this on social media as well. We also met several times. About four years ago our friendship broke up. A friend of my friend came to know about this. After which he created a fake ID on social media in the name of my same friend. Also put my friend’s photo on the ID. Which didn’t make me suspicious. He said sorry to me about the dispute between us (friend and me) and started talking to me. Meanwhile, he asked for my private photos. Considering a friend, I also shared the photo-video. He never spoke to me on the phone. After getting the photo-video, he started blackmailing him by threatening. Asked me 15 lakhs. Frustrated, I lodged a complaint with the cyber cell. On the complaint of the victim, the cyber police arrested the accused.

The accused arrested from Damoh

The cyber police arrested Akash father Bhagwan Das Thakur from Damoh after investigation. The accused confessed to the crime during interrogation. He told the police that he knew the victim’s friend. He was also aware of the relationship between the two. When he came to know that there was no relationship between the two, taking advantage of this, he created a fake ID on social media in the name of the victim’s friend. Then chatting started between the two. Meanwhile, he also asked the victim for her obscene photos. The accused is doing private job. His actions are not known, so he never spoke on the phone.

Do not befriend strangers on social media

Cyber ​​Cell ADG Yogesh Deshmukh appealed to the people not to make friends with unknown people on social media. Not only this, do not share any kind of information on social media. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of this. ADG Deshmukh says that cybercriminals are now adopting new tricks of cheating.


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