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New Delhi: After heavy snowfall in the hilly areas, light rain in the plains has changed the climate of the country. In the past day, storm and light rain made the weather pleasant in many states including Delhi, Haryana. This light rain provided relief to the people suffering from heat for several days. Let us know that the weather has been cold in the capital Delhi for the past several days. There was cool winds in the capital this morning as well. After this the morning sunshine has come out. The Meteorological Department is continuously giving rain alerts for many states of the country. There is a possibility of rain in many areas of Uttarakhand even today.

Explain that western disturbances are forming in Jammu and Kashmir and adjoining areas and there is a cyclonic circulation over central part of Pakistan. Due to this effect, rain and thunderstorms have been created in many states of the country and there have been rains in many places.

Heat will increase in jalandhar

According to the report, after the rains and strong winds in Jalandhar, the weather pattern will turn again on 25 April. During this time, the temperature will rise again due to the absence of sun and winds in the afternoon. That is, once again people can get upset due to the heat here.

Record of 42 years broken in Shimla

Dhar, Shimla has recorded the highest rainfall after 42 years during twenty four hours in April. It is believed that in the month of April, the record of the highest snowfall has been broken for twenty years.

Weather forecast in Dhanbad to be dry today

The weather is expected to be dry in Dhanbad today i.e. Saturday. The weather will be clear since morning and it is sunny. However, the weather is expected to change later in the afternoon. The sky will remain cloudy and sun-shade will remain. According to the report, there is no possibility of rain here.


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