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New Delhi: The wait for PUBG Mobile India is coming to an end. The launch of PUBG in India has been announced by the company. The game is being launched in India after a long wait. It will not be known as PUBG Mobile India in India, but the game will be known as Battlegrounds Mobile India. The company has not announced the launch date of the game. But information related to the game has been leaked. Game developer Krafton has released the privacy and security policy associated with Battlegrounds Mobile India. Under this, the company has tightened the rules for playing games for people below 18 years. Also, the company has started pre-registration of the game before the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Updates will be available on pre-registration

The pre-registration of Battlegrounds Mobile India has started. If gamers pre-register, they will continue to get all updates related to Battlegrounds Mobile India. After pre-registration of the game, users will get information about the game’s availability and updates from time to time. Like PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds can expect the upcoming Indian version of Mobile India, which will soon be downloaded from the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store.

Pre-registration of Battlegrounds Mobile India

The exact release date and pre-registration of the game has not been revealed by Krafton. Pre-registration of the game can be started 10 days before launching. Some reports have claimed that Battlegrounds Mobile India can be launched in June this year. Once the battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration goes live, it can be pre-registered with Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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