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There has been a proposal in Parliament by the Ministry of Labor, Government of India, to make employees work 4 days a week and be given 3 days off. So that they can make time for their physical and mental health after family responsibilities.

However, such employees must have been working 12 hours per day. As per the existing laws, a maximum of 10.5 hours of work can be taken from any worker or employee in 24 hours.

The Ministry of Labor, Government of India, has made a proposal in Parliament asking to consider the maximum working hours to 12 hours. However, the maximum working hours in a week will be 48 hours, it will not increase.

That is, if an employee works for 12 hours daily, then he will work only 4 days a week and leave for 3 days or he will get overtime.

If this is happening around the world, under the International Labor Organization (ILO) standard, industrial workers can be employed for 8 hours a day and 48 hours a week.

In the works which have to be carried out immediately after one shift, another work has been allowed to take up to 56 hours a week. On the other hand, an employee is allowed to take 8 hours of daily work in 3 weeks.


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