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New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices were recorded for the second consecutive day in the country. According to data available on the website of Indian Oil, on Wednesday, the price of petrol in Delhi rose by 19 paise to Rs 90.74 per liter. At the same time, Diesel price rose by 21 paise to Rs 81.12 per liter. The price of petrol in Maharashtra capital Mumbai reached Rs 97.12 per liter. At the same time, the price of diesel has touched the level of Rs 88.19 per liter. In the analysis of the price of petrol and diesel in the four metros of the country, the price of these two petroleum products is the highest in Mumbai.

Petrol and diesel prices in Chennai and Kolkata

Petrol price in Tamil Nadu capital Chennai reached Rs 92.70 per liter on Wednesday. At the same time, to buy a liter of diesel, you have to pay 86.09 rupees. At the same time, the price of one liter of petrol in Kolkata reached Rs 90.92 per liter. The diesel rate in the city has been increased to Rs 83.98 per liter.

Petrol and diesel rates in Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad

If you want to buy a liter of petrol in Noida adjacent to Delhi, then you have to pay Rs 89.05. At the same time, the rate of one liter diesel in the city is Rs 81.59. In Gurugram, the price of a liter of petrol has reached Rs 88.70 and the rate of diesel has reached Rs 81.71. In Ghaziabad, the price of petrol reached Rs 88.90 and the price of diesel reached Rs 81.40.

New rates are effective from six in the morning every day

The country’s public sector oil marketing companies Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), Bharat Petroleum (HPCL) and Hindustan Petroleum (HP) can fix petrol, diesel prices on a daily basis. The new rates become effective every day at six in the morning


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