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New Delhi: Petrol and diesel prices again increased on Tuesday. Today the price of diesel has increased from 29 to 31 paise, while the price of petrol has also increased from 24 to 27 paise. With this, petrol in Delhi has been increased to Rs 92.85 per liter and diesel to Rs 83.51 per liter.

Petrol is approaching 100 in Mumbai

In other metros, diesel is also running above Rs 90 in Mumbai. Diesel in Mumbai is priced at Rs 90.71 per liter while petrol is being sold at Rs 99.14 per liter. Diesel rate in Kolkata is Rs 86.35 per liter while petrol is Rs 92.92 per liter. In Chennai, diesel is 88.34 and petrol is Rs 94.54 per liter.

How are emotions determined

Petrol-Diesel prices are fixed daily at 6 am. After adding excise duty, dealer commission and other expenses to their price, they almost double. Petrol and diesel prices change every day, depending on what the crude prices are in the international market along with foreign exchange rates.


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