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New Delhi: In order to reduce the cost of Remedisvir, the most effective drug in the treatment of Corona and to make this drug available to the patients at a cheaper price, the government has made its import duty free. Many companies have started production of Remadecivir and its production will double in the next 15 days. This order of the government will be valid till the coming October.

According to the information provided by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, there will no longer be any duty on import of raw materials related to Remedicivir or the special raw materials used in the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Remedacivir, Betaciclodextrin and Remedicivir Injection.

The benefit of this decision will be that the cost of production of Remadecivir will be reduced, which will make this drug available to the patients at a lower price. The supply of Remadecivir is currently less than the demand, due to which the black marketing of this drug is happening in many states. The government has also banned the export of Remadecivir, so that the corona patients of the country have no problem.


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