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Mumbai: (TNA News Network)‘Zindagi 0 KM’ is an inspirational youth empowering show, will be on the digital platform by the ace film producer Ashok Choudhary aka Ashok H Choudhary.

     Ashok Choudhary – One of the talented and creative film procedures from Rajasthan. His film ‘Turtle’ based on the water crisis received National Film Award. The ongoing drinking water crisis is shown in the film which is inspired by real events.

     Talking about his early life, Ashok Choudhary was born and brought up in Rajasthan and belongs to a farmer family. He has completed his Master’s Degree in Business dministration. Since childhood, he was very much interested in the entertainment world as well as fond of reading books.

“The youths these days do not get proper guidance and thus they struggle with depression, Breakup, divorce etc problems.

    “There also seems rise in suicidal & divorce cases. To highlight such realistic events and to create a proper  awareness in society, I have produced ‘Waah Zindagi’. The film is a beautiful love story based on the “Make in India” movement. The movie undoubtedly encourages young Indians to start their businesses and aware people to get strengthen their economy by using Swadeshi products”. I believe every show, every film should inspire, encourage and empower the youths as they are the new ruler of society”, says proud film producer and National Film Award winner Ashok Choudhary.

     Ashok thought that casteism, poverty, and education were the three issues that stood in the way of progress. The movie “Waah Zindagi” offer ways to teach Indians more advanced ‘Make in India’ concepts and ways to employ Swadeshi items.

    While explaining his craze for reading and writing, Ashok Choudhary said, “I am an avid reader very much affectionate towards reading all type of books & scriptures, which later inspired me to write thoughtful books like ‘Divine Child  

‘‘Spiritual Awakening’, ‘Undefeated’, and ‘Wisdom Over Attachment “  “Self Healing’ to name a few. I always think that reading helps people to change their minds and also changes the way of thinking.”


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