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Today is the 14th day of the farmers’ agitation against agricultural laws. The government has sent a written proposal for changes in the three new agricultural laws today.

But the farmers are adamant on repealing the law. Farmers are being discussed on the Singhu border to take a decision on the government’s proposal.

Earlier, All India Kisan Sabha general secretary Hannan Mola had said that if the government is talking about amendment, then our answer is clear.

Instead of amendment, we will consider only if we get written assurance of withdrawal of law.

If we find the letter of the government positive, then we can have a meeting tomorrow.

Indian Farmers Union spokesman Rakesh Tikait said that the farmers would not back down. It is a matter of honor. Does the government not want to withdraw the law? Will farmers be tortured? If the government is adamant, then the farmers too are firm on their stand. The law must be returned. After discussing the proposal of the government, further strategy will be decided.


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