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Mumbai: Bollywood actors are often targeted by trolls. Celebs do more than their fans have more trolls than they do. There is a Corona curfew in Maharashtra these days. Because of which everyone has to go out of the house. In such a situation, Malaika Arora went out to turn her belly dog ​​out and came under the trolls’ target.

Actually Malaika Arora took her belly dog ​​Casper out on Friday to rotate it between the corona curfew. Malaika was trolled by doing so. The video was shared by video journalist Yogen Shah circling Malaika Casper. During this time, she was wearing a black T-shirt and tights with a mask on her face. Many people commented on this video and heard Malaika very well.

Commenting, a social media user wrote, ‘What is this … the government has already announced that no one is allowed to unnecessarily come out of the house and these celebs’. Another user wrote, ‘Petes are being rotated in restructures and these paparajis also reached to capture, what is the matter.’

Let us know that these days the stars are getting quite trolled on social media. Already, people do not like going to the stars’ vacations in the coronary period. In such a situation, many celebs are becoming the target of trolls. Recently, Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt were also trolled for this. In such a situation, when people are unable to get out of the houses and Malaika Arora is going out to rotate her stomach. Which people do not like.


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