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Gwalior: Laxmiganj Muktidham is under increased pressure to cremate the corona-infected dead. More than 20 dead bodies have been cremated in a single day. On Thursday, 22 pyres were burnt here. At 4:30 in the evening, 8 funeral pyres were burning on the ground and 12 bodies were cremated at the gas crematorium. Here the last rites of the dead are also being done at night.

3 to 4 of their relatives are reaching the dead bodies to be cremated. He is also so scared that everyone is seen wearing a PPE kit. If the altar and the space below them were less then the cremation of 8 bodies was done by making a pyre on the way. The relatives of the deceased were saddened that they were not able to perform the last rites as per the traditions.

The situation is very bad

Corporation employees are responsible for the funeral of Kovid dead. Sonu Choubey, Narendra Gaur and Laxminarayan Gas cremated at the crematorium are posted here. He said that from 7 am to 10 pm, the last rites are performed. There is neither time to eat nor rest.


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