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Jabalpur: Cases of Mucoramycosis i.e. Black Fungus are now increasing in the city. A 15-bed mucoramycosis unit has been started in the orthopedic ward of the medical college, in which patients of black fungus are housed. Now 15 cases have been confirmed by medical college management, currently there are 10 actis cases, which are being treated. Out of these, 4 have been operated only on Thursday.

Cases of this disease are also being reported in private hospitals, although the number of them is not confirmed. There have been 4 deaths in the medical college itself due to black fungus. Experts say that patients who are cured or recovering from corona have the highest risk of mucoramycosis, because the patient gets increased sugar by giving steroids during the treatment of corona, which is the major cause of black fungus. . The disease is so dangerous that people may have to cut their body parts to save their lives.

Team ready in medical, treatment started

Dr. Kavita Sachdeva, Head of the Department of ENT in the Medical College, told that a team of doctors is ready for treatment of black fungus in the Medical College and treatment of patients has also been started. Family and hospital are also being contacted by patients from other cities for surgery of Black Fungus patients.

Our strategy firstly includes prevention, that is, preventing the disease from occurring and if the disease has occurred, then detect it at the initial stage and fix it. Those patients who have been suffering from diabetes for a long time need to be cautious.

It is necessary to be detected in the beginning

According to experts, it is necessary to detect it in the initial phase, otherwise it starts from the nose and reaches the eyes and then the brain. The eyesight can go away or the part of the body in which this fungus is spread, that part of the body can rot badly. This fungus does not spread from one patient to another.


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