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Report: Ankit Pachauri

Mumbai: The title of the web series Kathmandu Connection recently released on Sony Live OTT, ‘syahi’ is in the discussions these days and is becoming very viral. Also, the web series made under the direction of director Sachin Pathak is also being well liked.

The song Song Ink of the web series has been sung by Singer Sunetra Banerjee, due to the magical voice of Sunetra, it is very much liked Actually, the song has been written on the basis of the story of the web series, the song has been composed by Sneha Khanwalkar.

Talking to TNA, singer Sunetra Banerjee said that she has worked with music director Sneha Khanwalkar before, and they are getting support from all of them as well.

Sunetra told that she is a resident of Chandannagar, a small town in Hooghly district of West Bengal. And he has taken primary education of music from his home.

She told that she has been doing Riyaz on her priority since childhood, she said that if she forgot to do Riyaz at any time, her parents would not talk to them.

Sunetra said that it is very important to do Riyaz to learn music, she said that her journey from Bengal to Mumbai was not very difficult because she went to Mumbai after learning music very well.

Sunetra’s magical voice has made her song very popular, she said that she is very serious about her career, and she is also working hard for it.


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