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Indore: The Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission has issued a notice to the Chief Secretary, Divisional Commissioner and Indore Collector seeking reply in two weeks in the matter of inhuman treatment of elders by corporates. The notice issued by the chairman of the commission, Narendra Kumar Jain, said that on January 29, the employees of the Nagar Nigam picked up a dozen destitute elderly persons and left them on the Shipra bridge in a garbage vehicle to remove the encroachment. For this, he was accused of protecting them from cold.

When people opposed this incident which embarrassed humanity, then they brought these elders back to the city and left. Most of these elderly people are disabled. The video of this inhuman incident went viral and when the complaint reached the Chief Minister, the officials said that all the elders have been sent to the night shelters. The Chief Minister expressed strong resentment in this matter and said that such inhuman incident should not happen again.


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