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New Delhi: The government has given clear indications that the internet media, which has been ignoring Indian laws for a long time, now has to come on the way. On Thursday, after WhatsApp, the government also gave strict warning to Twitter that it should follow the law of India instead of misleading people on the issue of freedom of expression. Terming the Twitter allegation as completely baseless and false, the government said that Twitter wants to push the image of India to hide its failure. Twitter is just an Internet media intermediary and has no right to interfere in India’s statutory framework. Twitter also puts an arbitrary break on the independence of customers and also favors India.

Twitter had termed freedom of expression in India at risk

Such examples were also presented by Rakar in which Twitter has hurt India’s interests. In its statement on India’s IT rules, Twitter said that it will try to make changes in it, so that its platform is open and Conversations freely. Twitter had expressed concern over the safety of its employees in India, threatening freedom of expression in India. Recently, the police went to a Twitter office for questioning after a tweet by a BJP spokesperson marked as manipulated. Twitter described it as a police-threatening action. Twitter has asked the government for three months to follow the government directives issued on the internet media.

Said, do not explain to the world’s largest democratic system the meaning of freedom of expression

The Ministry of Electronics and IT objected to the statements of Twitter, saying that Twitter, which is trading profits from the country, should not explain the world’s largest democratic system the meaning of freedom of expression. Independence is fundamental in India but the attitude of Twitter is double. She is shaping freedom to protect herself, whereas in India, she has not devised any mechanism. Every order of his comes from America. No platform has been set up in India for complaints. Whenever someone blocks someone and he is not even given the right to be heard. India is not ready to bear such arbitrariness.

Raise questions about twitter’s commitment

The ministry also raised questions about Twitter’s commitment to India. The ministry said that while India and China were holding talks on the border dispute, Twitter showed parts of Ladakh as part of China. Despite saying many times, Twitter took a long time to correct this big mistake. During the anti-agricultural law movement, tweets related to nuisance at the Red Fort, which could be dangerous to India’s integrity, had to be called on Twitter several times to remove it, while the same Twitter took immediate steps to address the upheaval in Capitol Hill Was raised.

Must follow the law of India

Twitter did not take any action on those who were hesitant about the vaccine in India. Corona’s double mutants were denied by the World Health Organization to call it the Indian variant, but some people on Twitter are calling it the Indian variant and denigrating India. Twitter did not even rectify this and is describing itself as the protector of the people of India. The central government made it clear that the interests of all intermediaries in the country would be protected, but they would have to follow the law of India.

Keep in mind that three months ago, the government had instructed to make some such arrangement inside India, so that people here can contact in case of any complaint. Internet media companies such as Facebook, Google and Instagram have indicated its readiness, but Twitter’s attitude is lax.

Twitter obstructing investigation of toolkit case: Police

On the other hand, the Delhi Police says that in the investigation of this case, obstacles are being created on the Twitter side and it is trying to be the investigating and adjudicating authority. Statements are being made that a case has been registered against the government at the behest of it, whereas in reality it is not. The truth is that the government has refused to register a case against Twitter. Only primary investigation is being done in the toolkit case and no case has been registered.


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