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New Delhi / Bhopal: The past day saw a slight increase in new cases of corona infections in the country. Corona was confirmed in 2 lakh 8 thousand 714 people here on Tuesday. Earlier on Monday, the number of newly infected people reached below 2 lakhs. It is a matter of relief that in the last 24 hours, 2 lakh 95 thousand 85 people beat Corona.

At the same time, the death toll has increased concern for the government and the people. In the last 24 hours, 4,159 people died due to corona. Talking about the month of May, 13 out of the last 25 days, the daily death toll has crossed four thousand. Earlier, 4,233 on 7 May, 4,092 on 8 May, 4,198 on 11 May, 4,128 on 12 May, 4,000 on 13 May, 4,077 on 15 May, 4,098 on 16 May, 4,334 on 17 May, 4,339 on 18 May, 4,209 on 20 May , 4,194 people died on 21 May and 4,454 on 23 May.

Corona epidemic figures in the country
Total new cases came in last 24 hours: 2.08 lakh
Total recovered in last 24 hours: 2.95 lakhs
Total deaths in last 24 hours: 4,159
Total infected so far: 2.71 crores
Till now healed: 2.43 Crore
Total deaths so far: 3.11 lakh
Total number of patients currently undergoing treatment: 24.90 Lakh

Madhya Pradesh-
On Tuesday, 2,422 people were found corona positive in the state. 7,373 people recovered and 68 died. So far, 7.69 lakh people have been infected. Of these, 7.13 lakh people have been cured, while 7,686 people have died. There are 48,634 patients who are undergoing treatment.

On Tuesday, 3,506 people were found corona infected. 7,443 people recovered and 77 died. So far, 9.56 lakh people have been affected by the infection in the state. Of these, 8.87 lakh people have been cured, while 12,723 patients have died.


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