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IAS officer Athar Khan, who has filed a family court application in Jaipur to get a divorce from Tina Dabi, a 2015 batch IAS officer topping the UPSC examination, has applied to go on deputation in Jammu and Kashmir. His application is still pending with the Union Home Ministry. Athar Khan is also a 2015 batch IAS.

There are many stories going on from social media to bureaucracy about the rift between the IAS couple. Sources say that to go to the home state.

The cracks between the two increased only after Athar Khan applied. Tina Dabi and Athar Khan have been in the news since two days.

They were in the news when they got married two years ago and now when they are getting divorced, they are also in the headlines. Interestingly, in many Muslim countries, both are being searched in Google. On Friday, these IAS couple of Rajasthan cadre continued to trend on social media


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