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Jabalpur: A person in character suspicion was first brutally killed by a tenant and then with the knife of his wife. He has three young daughters. The accused had a love marriage. The Omati police took the sensational accused into custody within three hours, carrying out the double murder, a few steps away from the police station. The accused was being interrogated till late in the night.

According to the information, Mohammad Ibrahim was living in the in-laws house with his wife Rabia and three children in the Turanuma house on the side of the drain on Oriya Mohalla Marg near Clock tower. He had a love marriage with Rabia (38). He is originally from Damoh, but for some time, he stayed in the in-laws and started welding work. Shakeel (32) was also living in the same house for rent. The horse used to ride a wagon.

Mohammed Ibrahim’s mother-in-law told the police that her house runs on rent. Shakeel did not like Ibrahim to live there by rent. He suspected the character of daughter Rabia. Many times there was discord in the house about it. The husband and wife had a dispute while having dinner at 10.30 pm on Tuesday night. After this, Mohammed Ibrahim left the house in anger with a knife. At that time, Shakeel was standing near his horse, Baggi. Then he stabbed her on the stomach and back with a knife. Shakeel raced to escape.

On hearing the noise, Ibrahim’s wife Rabia came out and stabbed the knife in his chest. Rabia fell unconscious on the spot. The accused Ibrahim escaped waving the knife. Both were sent to Victoria Hospital with the help of local people. Where doctors declared both of them dead. As soon as the news of the double murder took place, TI SPS Baghel along with CSP Omati, ASP City Rohit Kashwani also arrived with the FSL team.

Police arrested the accused in three hours

According to police sources, the Omati police registered a case of murder in the case and arrested the accused Ibrahim within three hours. The police is under investigation for taking him into custody. The police is trying to recover the knife used in the murder from the accused. The reason for the murder comes in the form of a love triangle. Ibrahim suspected that his wife had an affair with Shakeel. There was a dispute about this in his house for many days as well.


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