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Bhopal: The number of deaths during the second wave of Corona in the country continues to increase. A record 4,525 people died due to the epidemic on the previous day. This is the largest figure in one day of deaths in the country from Corona. Earlier on Monday, there were 4,334 deaths.

However, the statistics of new cases of the country are definitely going to give relief. 2 lakh 67 thousand 44 new cases of Corona were reported on the previous day. At the same time, 3 lakh 89 thousand 566 people were also cured. In this way, the number of active cases i.e. patients being treated decreased by one lakh 27 thousand 109.

Corona epidemic figures in the country

Total new cases came in last 24 hours: 2.67 lakh
Total recovered in last 24 hours: 3.89 lakh
Total deaths in last 24 hours: 4,525
Total infected so far: 2.54 crores
Till now healed: 2.19 Crore
Total deaths so far: 2.83 lakhs
Total number of patients currently undergoing treatment: 32.21 Lakh

Uttar Pradesh-

On Tuesday, 8,673 people were found infected. 21,108 people recovered and 255 people died. So far, 16.37 lakh people have been infected in the state. Of these, 14.83 lakh have been cured, while 18,072 patients succumbed. Here, 1.36 lakh patients are being treated.


On Tuesday, 6,477 people were found corona infected. 12,098 people recovered and 153 died. So far, 9.25 lakh people have been affected by the infection in the state. Of these, 8.23 ​​lakh people have been cured, while 12,036 patients have died. 90,382 patients are undergoing treatment.

Madhya Pradesh-

5,412 people were found corona positive on Tuesday in the state. 11,358 people recovered and 70 died. So far, 7.42 lakh people have been infected. Of these, 6.52 lakh people have been cured, while 7,139 people have died. There are 82,967 patients who are undergoing treatment.


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