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New Delhi: Union Minister Hardeep Puri and senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor came to terms with the Corona vaccine. While BJP leader Puri alleged that Congress leaders are raising doubts in the minds of the people about getting the vaccine, Tharoor hit back when asked whether the central government would take responsibility for the failure of the policy instead of pointing fingers at the opposition.

In the tussle between the two leaders on Twitter, Puri tweeted a series of tweets on Wednesday. He had said that Congress leaders like Shashi Tharoor are persecuting children for admitting their mistake regarding India’s vaccination policy.

Puri said that the attitude of the Congress Party regarding the vaccine is becoming more and more strange. Civil Aviation, Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Puri alleged that the entire group (of Congress leaders) had raised doubts about the vaccination among the people through statements and tweets.

He said that they openly raise doubts in the minds of the people by raising doubts about the vaccine’s effectiveness, selection of growers and vaccination. Puri said the book could be printed on Tharoor’s contradictory tweet made in 2021.

The Union Minister said that he constantly changed his position on 28 April 2021 after continuously raising doubts about the vaccine’s effectiveness, but he did not believe that he was wrong.

He questioned that imagine the situation if the Indian government had listened to his advice and would have waited two more weeks to start producing the vaccine.

Puri said that now that the country is grappling with the Kovid crisis, if these leaders cannot get involved in the war with Corona, then leave politics of opportunism and at least study their own anti-statements and tweets.

Tagging a tweet of Puri, Tharoor said on Thursday that I am going to tell you in a simple way, whether the Congress tweet has led to the lack of vaccines, has the Indian government failed to order a sufficient amount of vaccines because of my tweet, Is the price disparity in May linked to my statement on January 3 that the Phase III trial of covaccine has not been completed.

The Congress leader has written, In short, the Government of India is pointing fingers at the opposition to divert attention from its poor performance. After all, when will she take responsibility for her policy and management failure.


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