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Gwalior: The sex racket was caught at the Organic Beauty and Salon Spa Center in Gwalior, 6 young women were also caught from here. 5 of these women were married. 4 The husbands of the young women did not even know that their wife was pursuing business. When the police arrived at the house after the racket was caught, the truth of the wife was revealed.

Till now, husbands who used to think that the wife is working day and night at the beauty parlor to share her hand, have been deeply shocked. A young woman used to tell her father to work at a beauty parlor to complete her college studies. But the family is also surprised after the truth is revealed. There is a storm in their homes. All the 6 girls were produced in the court on Saturday. After which he has been sent to jail.

This is the whole case

Darsal University Police Station was getting information from the informer for a few days that a sex racket was being run under the guise of The Organic Beauty and Salon Spa Center in GTB Tower Building, Govindpuri, City Center. To confirm this information, the police sent a policeman to the spa center after making a customer. A woman named Ayesha, sitting inside the policeman who arrived here as a customer, made a deal for the call girl. The policeman who became a customer was shown the girls inside. Five women stood ready inside. When it was clear that the business was going on under the cover of the spa center, the policeman signaled his team. After which, on the instructions of ASP Hitika Vasal, the already prepared team raid at the spa center. Where five girls and 6 girls including the master mind woman of the sex racket in the spa center were caught. Rupees, defamatory material were found from everyone’s pocket. All the girls were aged between 19 years to 30 years. All were booked on Friday under the Prohibition of Trade Act and the Disaster Management Act. After being presented in court on Saturday, everyone was sent to jail.

recently got married

Apart from the woman handling the spa center, out of the five young women who have been caught, four of them are married. Two of these girls got married a year ago. The husbands did not even know that his wife would be caught doing business like this. When the police reached the house and told everything to the family, the whole matter came to light.
Used to take 2 to 4 thousand from a customer

The woman, who was caught in the spa center before appearing in court and going to jail on Saturday, said that she used to provide a girl for Rs. 2 to 4 thousand rupees to a customer. The lower the age of girls, the more the rupee used to increase. This sex racket was going on for a long time. The demand for girls in the lockdown was further increased.


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