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New Delhi: The Central Government has directed to remove such posts from various internet media including Twitter and Facebook, in which misleading information about the epidemic is being spread. Twitter says it has taken action at the request of the Indian government. Those account holders who have been notified will be affected by the move. However, Twitter has not provided detailed information about the affected account. Sources say that misleading information was given in these posts and it was prepared in such a way that people get nervous.

A Twitter spokesperson said that when a proper legal request is received, our team reviews related posts according to both the Twitter rules and local laws. If the content violates Twitter’s rules, it is removed. But if the content is illegal according to a particular jurisdiction, but not against the rules of Twitter, then we prevent that content from appearing in India only.

According to the Lumen Database (an independent research project), Twitter has removed more than 50 posts at the request of the Government of India. These posts also include tweets from a Member of Parliament, MLA and filmmakers. However, Twitter says that it had informed all the account holders before this action so that they are aware of the move to be taken at the legal request of the Indian government.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Saturday that there is a shortage of corona vaccine in the country and the central government should focus on this instead of spending time in public relations and unnecessary projects. Rahul said in tweeting that 1.4 percent of the population has been vaccinated in the country so far. The country needs a vaccine. He also shared a graph according to which the US has vaccinated 26.5 percent of its population. In addition, Britain has also vaccinated 15.9 percent of the population. In another tweet, the Congress leader said, the government should focus on vaccines, supply of oxygen and other health services. The crisis will deepen in the days to come. The country should be ready to deal with it.


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