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-Anil Vedag

MUMBAI: (TNA News Network) Golden Ratio Films, the digital content production arm of Vistas Media Capital, announces the story of a film project commemorating the Battle of Haifa. One of its most exciting film projects, titled ‘Hero of Haifa’, will be co-produced by Yelstar Films Hundred Films. This will be GRF’s third successful project with Yelstar Films.

On 23 September 1918, the Indian and Israel governments organized a special ceremony to mark the bravery displayed by Indian soldiers in the wars fought during the First World War. The film’s producers, Piyush Singh of Golden Ratio Films and Ashwini Choudhary, along with Miten Shah, Yelstar Films promoter and Hundred Films co-founder Atul Pandey made the announcement during the Haifa Day celebrations to honor the historic event.

Based on the most successful cavalry charge in the history of modern warfare, the film will bring to screen the epic story of Indian soldiers of the Jodhpur Lancers, Mysore Lancers and Hyderabad Lancers. They were armed only with spears and swords, outnumbering the Ottoman, German and Austrian troops. The opposite side was superior and was equipped with machine guns, artillery and modern weapons but could not prevail against the Indian troops. Even today, Israeli school textbooks educate students about the Battle of Haifa and their heroism.

Authentic 20th-century Middle Eastern architecture, clothing and culture will bring to life the chilling realities of the Great War. The fast-paced war drama with realistic action tinged with the world geopolitics of the time will share the experiences of raw horror and pride of Indian soldiers. Israel’s ministries have encouraged production and invited them to shoot the film at actual locations in Israel, where fighting had subsided. Through this collaboration, the film industry will benefit from the rich history of both cultures and aid the future of Israeli and Indian cinema.

Atul Pandey, Co-Founder, Hundred Films said, “We are honored to be making a film with such an extraordinary story. After doing a lot of research into the subtle details and considering the nuances of war, we’ve been able to tell this incredible narrative that the world needs to know about. ‘Hero of Haifa’ will be shot in an actual theater of World War I in the Middle East. It will enhance the friendship between the two countries through cinema.”

Miten Shah, promoter of Yellowstar Films, said, “This is a very important chapter in history where Indian soldiers displayed incredible courage and worked to defeat the Ottoman Empire. This historical film will have a mixed cast including Indian and international actors. ‘Haifa Ke Nayak’ will give audiences an authentic feel of that era, and I am thrilled to be a part of a project set on a large scale.

Piyush Singh, Co-Founder and Group COO, Vistas Media Capital, said, “We are very excited to partner with Yellowstar Films and Hundred Films Entertainment for this project. ‘Hero of Haifa’ is the story of the adventures of Indian soldiers lost in the pages of history and we are happy to bring it to the fore. As a global production house, GRF strives to raise awareness about topics related to a cause. We look forward to connecting with the Israeli audience through this film and look forward to working on other interesting topics based in the country.”

Ashwini Choudhary, President, Golden Ratio Films, “Heroes of Haifa” is another international film venture launched by GRF that will give us an opportunity to unravel the pages of Indian history that seem lost. It gives us a chance to showcase our skills and recreate the moments that changed the course of world history. Given our past experiences in launching successful projects internationally, we are confident that this new venture will resonate with generations to come. It’s the love of labor and we are happy to have this rare opportunity to do justice to an incredible story.”

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said that it was a wonderful discussion with Bollywood producers on India-Israel films and media collaboration. Such joint projects will help strengthen the close ties between the two countries.


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