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Farmers opposing the agricultural law are now getting support from across the country. Many stars have reached the agitating farmers in the adjoining areas of the capital Delhi.

At the same time, some stars are engaged in supporting farmers through social media. Now the name of actress Priyanka Chopra has also been added to this list.

Priyanka Chopra retweeting Diljit Dosanjh’s tweet, writing- ‘Our farmers are food soldiers in India. Their fears need to be overcome. There is a need to live up to their expectations.

As a thriving democracy, we must ensure that this crisis is resolved soon.

At the same time, Singer shared two pictures in Priyanka’s retweet of Diljit’s tweet. In one picture, the farmers are feeding the policemen and in the other the policemen are feeding the farmers.

Diljit wrote on this – ‘Talk about love, religion does not teach any fight. India is the most different in the world because everyone lives here with love.
Every religion is welcomed. Earlier Diljit reached the Indus border on Saturday. He donated 1 crore rupees to the farmers so that they could buy warm clothes in winter.


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