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New Delhi: Exit poll of assembly elections held in four states and one union territory including Bengal has shown the same picture, which was speculating before the commencement of elections. The BJP’s threat is advancing at a fast pace and the Congress is battered at every turn. She is neither able to fight the BJP, nor from the Left. At the same time, for the third time in Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, who is fighting for power, seems to be losing her grip. Exit poll figures show that even if Mamata returns to power, she will lose huge political ground. The election results will come on May 2.

The last phase of voting was held on Thursday for the month-long assembly elections. Now the result is awaited. Exit polls that came after the vote showed that different agencies and channels were unanimous about Bengal. Some are forming Mamata’s government, some are of BJP. Some channels have described it as a very close contest, which means that any government can be formed. Keep in mind that the Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who took charge of BJP’s election in Bengal, claimed 200 plus.

On the other hand, it was repeatedly being said on behalf of Mamta that the BJP would not be able to cross even three digits. Mamta’s strategist Prashant Kishore kept on insisting that if the BJP crossed 100, he would quit his job. It is interesting at the moment that some of the channels on which Mamata’s government is being assessed are also showing the BJP beyond a hundred. Whatever the result, Prashant Kishore is a threat to the credibility. Keep in mind that the Congress has already appointed him as its strategist in Punjab.

Mixed effect in West Bengal

According to exit polls of ABP and C voters, the Trinamool Congress is getting 42.1 percent of the vote in the 292 assembly seats in Bengal. At the same time, BJP’s account is getting 39.1 percent votes. Apart from this, Congress can get 15.4 percent votes.

According to exit polls of ABP and C voters, the Trinamool Congress is seen getting 152–164 seats in the 292 assembly seats in Bengal. On the other hand, BJP can get 109-121 seats. Apart from this, the Congress can get 14–25 seats.

According to the exit poll of Times Now C-Voter, TMC’s seats in West Bengal may fall from 211 to 158 but will get a majority, BJP can win 115 seats. The Left-Congress seats may fall from 76 to 19 seats.

Please tell that the term of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly is being completed on 30 May 2021. In such a situation, before May 30, the process of assembly and formation of a new government has to be completed. West Bengal has a total of 294 assembly seats. Mamta Banerjee is the Chief Minister here for the last 10 years. The BJP has put a lot of emphasis here. Now we have to see if Mamta can save her fort.

BJP returns again in Assam

According to exit polls of ABP and C voters, BJP can get 58-71 seats out of 126 seats in Assam while Congress is seen getting 53-66 seats. Apart from this, 5 seats can be added to the account of others.

According to the exit poll till date in Assam, BJP + can get 75 to 85 seats and Congress 40-50 seats out of 126 seats in the state. Others may have 1-4 seats on their account.

According to Republic-CNX, in Assam, the NDA may get 79 seats, UPA 45 and others 2 seats. According to News Nation, the BJP alliance can get 65 seats, Congress 49, AIUDF + 9 and others 3 seats.

Let us know that the term of the Assam Legislative Assembly with 126 seats expires on 31 May. In the 2016 assembly elections, the BJP overthrew the ruling Congress in the state for 15 years. In the 2016 election, BJP got 86 seats and Sarbananda Sonowal became the Chief Minister of the state. This time the BJP is getting a tough fight with the Congress-led coalition.

Collision between UDF and LDF in Kerala

According to India Today-Axis-My-India, LDF’s account was 47 percent of the vote, while UDF’s account was 38 percent and BJP’s account 12 percent. On the other hand, if we talk about the seats, LDF account is expected to get 104 to 120 seats in 140 seats of Kerala, BJP is projected to get 2 seats. At the same time, zero to two seats are being estimated in the account of others.

Let us know that the tenure of the 140-member Kerala Assembly is coming to an end on June 1. The Communist Party-led coalition Left Democratic Front won 91 seats in the 2016 state assembly elections. Pinarayi Vijayan became the 12th Chief Minister of the state. Congress-led United Democratic Front stood second. This time too, there is a tough competition between the two.

DMK alliance has absolute majority in Tamil Nadu

According to exit polls of ABP and C voters, the Congress-DMK alliance is seen to get an absolute majority in the 234 assembly seats in Tamil Nadu. The Congress-DMK alliance can get 46.7 percent of the vote. At the same time, BJP + is likely to get 35 percent votes. Others can get 18.3 percent of the vote.

Let us know that the term of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly is coming to an end on 24 May. The AIADMK led by Jayalalithaa won the 2016 elections for the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly with 234 seats. AIADMK is in the fray after Jayalalithaa’s death. He is getting tough competition from DMK.


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