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An earthquake of 5.8 magnitude occurred in Nepal on Wednesday morning. According to Nepal’s local time, tremors were felt at around 5.42 am in the morning. Its center was 35 km east of Pokhara. It is a matter of relief that there is no news of any loss of life so far.

The effect can be seen on the northern border of Bihar

The border of the city of Bettiah in Bihar is 300 km away from the epicenter of the earthquake in Nepal. Therefore, the impact of earthquake may also affect the northern border of Bihar. However, no damage has been reported yet.

According to geologists, the real cause of the earthquake is a sharp movement in tectonical plates. Apart from this, earthquakes also occur due to meteor impact and volcanic eruptions, mine testing and nuclear testing. Earthquake intensity is measured on the Richter scale. On this scale, an earthquake of magnitude 2.0 or 3.0 is mild, while a magnitude of 6 means a powerful earthquake.

This is how the earthquake’s intensity is estimated

The intensity of the earthquake is gauged by the waves of energy emanating from its epicenter. This wave, which spans hundreds of kilometers, vibrates. There are cracks in the earth. If the center of the earthquake is at a lower depth, the energy exiting from it is much closer to the surface, causing great havoc.


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