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State Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel, who came to Ujjain a day before the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh’s meeting on Tuesday about the Agricultural Law, tried to put farmers organizations and Andelan in the dock. He said that farmers’ organizations have grown like mushrooms in the country. Currently there are more than 500 farmers organizations. These farmers are not friendly.

These are organizations formed by the opposition and middlemen. There are organizations of traitors. Such organizations are flourishing under the patronage of foreign forces, who do not want to strengthen the country. They want to destabilize the country and the government. It is necessary to expose them through peasant public awareness campaign.

Minister Patel said that both Congress leaders and activists regarding the new agricultural law

Are Confused. The farmers are being told that the mandis will be closed. Industrialists will be robbed. They do not know that this law is to protect farmers from middlemen. There is a law to get rid of industrialists.

The minister said that the law does not require farmers to worry about MSP. The government will guarantee MRP to farmers, not MSP.


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