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congress leaders Rahul Gandhi hit out at the Centre and said there is no democracy in India after he met President Kovind on Thursday while Priyanka Gandhi and other Congress leaders were detained on their way to meet the President.

Rahul Gandhi alleged that only three-four people are running the system and said the Congress is fighting this. The Congress delegation met the President with 2 crore signatures against the farm laws. However, only three Congress leaders — Rahul Gandhi, Ghulam Nabi Azad and Adhir Chowdhury — were allowed to visit the Rashtrapati Bhawan while all others, including Priyanka Gandhi, were detained.

“It is an assault on the idea of India. The government is stopping our MPs from moving out of our office…There is no democracy in India, it is only in imagination, not in reality,” said Rahul Gandhi, after coming out of the meeting.

Congress’ march to Rashtrapati Bhavan was stopped by police. Rahul Gandhi proceeded to the Rashtrapati Bhawan to meet President Ram Nath Kovind with the signatures against farm laws and said the farmers will not budge from Delhi borders till the farm laws are repealed.

Coming out after meeting President Kovind, Rahul Gandhi said, “The Opposition stands with farmers. The protesting farmers will not stop the protest till the laws are repealed.” He also said there is no democracy in India.


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